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We are located in Sanremo, in Portosole, a prestigious tourist port in West Liguria. Sanremo is well-known for the floriculture, and for hosting many events, including the Corso Fiorito Carnival Parade and the Italian Song Festival.


We opened our retail shop in 2006, after gaining great experience in nautical industry. We provide all you may need, from metalware to life raft, with direct attention to the sailing universe.


We chose the most innovative products, we developed a website to become known, but we prefer to sell the “old way”, because nothing is more satisfactory than “touching with your hand” the products.


Lm Nautica believes in the best quality products, therefore we rely on the leading firms in the market, with a range of trusted and reliable products. We are at your disposal for further information and for quotes. Happy Navigation, Sailors!

Products for cleaning the hull

The nautical cleaning scenario is crowded with a lot of products! Here at LM Nautica you will find a..

Sails and surroundings

Here at Lm Nautica you may find a wide series of accessories and tools to become a perfect yachtsman..

Engine and inflatable maintenance

Knowing the primary maintenance of the engine, even if we are not engineers, lowers a lot engine fai..

Hull maintenance

The care for the boat is one of the most important issues for the owners. That's why there are so ma..

Navigation accessories

The use of the most advanced equipment to compute the boat's position made many sailors lose the hab..

Hydraulic accessories

Here at LM Nautica you can find all pumps in the market, both manual and electric ones; to be reliab..

Electrical installation accessories

Switchgear, batteries, switches, fuses and many more accessories form the electrical system on board..

Nautical metalware & tools

Naval metalware includes all metal equipments for the widest range of uses on board: shackles, carab..

Light fixtures, lighting fixtures and accessories

By the law, all boats must have four kinds of navigation lights: Engine navigation light (white) –..

Onboard Features and Safety

Never get caught unprepared when sailing! Therefore, before setting sails check for all safety equip..

Peaks and Ropes

Since 2012, we have been authorized dealers for Gottifredi Maffioli, leader firm in the ropes market..

Deck equipment

Al accessories for maneuvering ropes, docking and anchoring and much, much more. A universe of small..

Anchoring and Mooring

It is very important to choose the right anchor, using springs and dampers to avoid bad news when do..

About us

The tailored sea for you Professionalism and customer orientation are the grounds for every business. This is the philosophy of our work, since we opened the shop, allowing us to build a reputation of professional and efficient persons, and nothing is more important than this to us! We opened our retail shop in 2006, after gaining great experience in nautical industry as sellers and sales representatives, allowing us to evaluate and accommodate any kind of request. We trade all what is needed on board of a ship, including the most technical equipment for sail boats, for cruises and regattas...


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